9 - 11 June 2017



This two-day off-road journey unfolds over approximately 120 kilometres between Pietermaritzburg in the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands and Durban on the KwaZulu-Natal east coast.
The first stage takes riders from Camps Drift in the sleepy hollow of Pietermaritzburg to Mfula Store on the banks of the river in the Umngeni valley.
On the second and final day, participants flow further down the Umngeni Valley, crossing the top of Inanda dam.
dusi2c will consist of one event. The event will cater for those who wish to experience the social side of stage racing without the race. It will also cater for those who want to experience the event with colleagues and friends and for serious competitors and those who wish to race the event against some of the best mountain bikers in the country.
Approximately 300 two-person teams will be catered for with batched starts each day.


This information is subject to change. Final route information and statistics will be provided at the race briefings and at the start each day.


Registration is held at Natal Canoe Club House, Pentrich Road, Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg from 11h00 to 18h00. Coordinates 29°37'20.4"S 30°22'36.6"E

For a map to the registration venue click here


Race briefing will be held at Natal Canoe Club House, Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg at 5pm


Race start times for A batch at all events are as follows: Batches start intervals are 10 minutes

  • Day 1: 8am
  • Day 2: 7am


(Subject to change. Accurate final measurements will be given at race briefing)

1 63 km 753 m
2 58 km 573 m
TOTAL 121 km 1388 m


In an effort to reduce congestion on the race route, we will be seeding all teams for the start each day. Seeding for days 2 will be based on your overall position. The difficulty for us as organisers is to seed everyone as accurately as possible for day 1. Due to the fact that there is no national seeding available, we will base our seeding calculations on recent events and / or last year’s results. Obviously, it is in everyone’s interest to be seeded correctly on day 1. This is an attempt to avoid the following scenarios:

  • Teams starting in too strong a batch will be unable to keep pace with their initial group and would, quite possibly be dropped by the following batches on the district roads leading to the first single track. This means that they will receive no help for the first 20kms and would very likely have started way too fast in their attempt to stay with stronger groups.
  • They will arrive at the first single track having expended way more energy than they should have, had they been in the correct batch initially. Once on the single track, they will very likely not manage as well on the technical sections.
  • Pressure from other, well-paced teams trying to pass them through the single track, will now magnify their plight. It is in everyone’s interests therefore to try and assure that they are correctly seeded.

All details of Day 1 seeding will be posted our website and we request everyone’s co-operation to ensure maximum enjoyment of day 1.

This means then, that you and your partner have between now and the event to get a good race in so that you achieve a high index. Batch allocations will be placed on the website. Should you be unhappy with the batch in which you have been placed, you will need to contact us to justify the need to change.


Day 1:

All teams will be seeded prior to the event (see seeding procedure above). Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10 minute intervals; Batch A starting at 08h00. (See important details of our single-track etiquette.)

Day 2:

Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10-minute intervals; Batch A starting at 7h00. (See all batch start times listed below.) Both team members to check in together with the batch pound marshals. This must happen at least 15 minutes prior to their advertised start time. Any team jumping to an earlier batch will be given a three hour penalty. Scanning mats on the start line will record your official start time and pickup any discrepancies.


There will be no batch stickers issued. Batch stickers will be stuck to the left of your number on your race number board for day 1. You will find your number board in your big black box issued to you at registration. The onus is upon you to check and assure that you start in the correct batch. Together both team members are required to enter their batch pounds after reporting to their batch marshal. This must be at least 15 minutes prior to their start time. Any team jumping to an earlier batch will be given a three-hour penalty. Scanning mats on the start line will record your official start time.


The batch starting times are detailed herewith.

Batch Day 1 Day 2
A 8H00 7H00
B 8H10 7H10
C 8H20 7H20
D 8H30 7H30
E 8H40 7H40
F 8H50 7H50
G 9H00 8H00


Our timing keeping partners will control all our batching and time keeping. Riders will be advised by email before the event of their batches & at the overnight stop the batches will be displayed outside the Race office. Please check all your details are correct by going to our website.

Your timing chip will be in your number board. You will be required to hand your number board in at the finish.


Each rider will find their number board in their black box at registration. Your timing chip will be in your number board. Do not cut or punch additional holes into your number board as you may damage the electronic filaments needed to time you.

Your number board will have your start batch sticker for day 1 stuck onto it.

When you cross the finish line please confirm with the time keepers that they have picked up your number. You will be required to hand your number board in at the finish in Durban.


Ride of Way:

Those who are riding have right of way. If you are pushing your bike you must clear the track immediately for riders behind you. Many of the slower riders in the back of the field are very good technically and love to try riding “everything”. Give those who want to try ride a difficult section support by clearing the track even if you cannot ride it yourself. We have prepared what we call “keep left, pass right double single track”. Simply put, these are two single tracks running parallel to each other with links at various points, allowing you to change lanes. This ultimately doubles the single track and allows for overtaking and racing opportunities. We request that all competitors adopt our dusi2c single-track etiquette, which is based on the following common sense principles:

  • Keep left pass right (as is common practice on dual carriageways).
  • Keep left even if there is no one ahead of you.
  • Respect everyone on the single-track, regardless of whether they are slower and in front of you or faster and behind you.
  • Allow for overtaking at the opportunities available in the single-track areas.
  • If you opt not to ride the single-track, please move well off the riding line.

We would like to instil this common sense etiquette to all single track sections. If someone is following you on single-track and you can’t shake them, ask if you’re holding them up. Likewise, if you can’t get past somebody, ‘Blue Light’ behaviour will not be tolerated. You may not start screaming or threatening to shoot. Becoming frustrated is nothing more than a waste of energy. Far wiser to conserve your energy and just politely ask someone “Please can you give me a line when you get a chance?” If someone is walking and is in your way simply say, “Ride of Way”.

Please note: Due to the size of the field and the distance of the stages, to limit congestion, frustration and injuries, all of the single-track has been designed to flow smoothly. Under favourable dry conditions it is possible to ride the entire single track. The tracks are not especially technical. They are, nonetheless, challenging. In the event of wet muddy conditions, the route will be changed to avoid slogging through unnecessarily muddy sections.


We will stage a prize giving at the race village on day one. Stage winners and overall category leaders should be present at the daily awards ceremony. The final prize giving will be held at Blue lagoon at 12h00 or 1 hour after the last prize winner is in.


Day 1 :18h00
Day 2 :12h00


dusi2c will supply all meals between the start and finish line. This will include three meals a day and a 24-hour snack/coffee/tea bar. Meals will be available for extended periods to accommodate those riders who get in late. If you expect to be ‘on the road’ for a particularly long time, you are welcome to make ‘padkos’ packs of sandwiches at breakfast to take with you. Packets, sliced bread, bananas and the like will be available at breakfast for this purpose.


If you require vegetarian meals or other special diets please contact judy@dusi2c.co.za before the event.